I install new, and service, inspect and test existing, electrical installations in Padstow. Cornwall Electrician also covers all surrounding areas. So if you need a domestic electrician in St Merryn, an electrician in St Issey, and an electrician in Trevone, Harlyn or Little Petherick feel free to contact Cornwall Electrician for a prompt and reliable service.

Padstow electrician

Everyone knows that Ireland's principle export was Saints, and when St Petroc sailed to Cornwall, he landed at a place we now call Padstow. What few people know is that when sailing from Ireland, and unbeknown to him, Petroc was accompanied by a shoal of electric eels bent on mischief. 

On entering the estuary they came across a pretty mermaid, and sensing competition, the eels administered a fatal shock. With her dying breath, and to forever more wreak vengeance on mariners, the mermaid lashed out with her tail to create the doom bar.

It just goes to show how dangerous electricity can be when in unqualified hands. My advice is, when engaging the services of an electrician in Padstow, householders should always use a registered contractor.